In the void of adventure

So. Here we are. A world of adventurers. In a time unknown to us. Lost in the ripple effect of Corona Virus. At home (hopefully). Keeping on, keeping on. Isolated pods.

How do we stay motivated. Moved. Moved to pick up a map and start drawing the line of our next adventure? Piecing together the next Epic?

In short, by will.

Please. Please do not lose your drive. Your endeavor.

We are all adventurers. So in a time void of adventure… Plan the next adventure. Plan the next crazy trip with friends, road trip, ski trip, mountaineering trip. Whatever your bag. Just don’t lose sight of the horizon.

We are all in a tough spot. But tough spots come and go. This situation will subside. The flood will reseed.

Until more stable times prevail:

Stay home

Stay safe

And keep the plans moving!


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