Garibaldi, by winter.

A short trip. Well earned break for all of us. The objective: Garibaldi Lake, with attempt at either Clinker Peak or Mt Price. We’ll see what happens….It was a leisurely start, partially because my Isaac had daycare drop off duties to take care of first, and partially because we still had to pick up Avy gear from the rental shop in Squamish and they weren’t open until 10am. Oh well that’s how it goes sometimes. We just know this means headlamps for the last hour of the hike in.Jason, Matt, and I pull in to Starbucks a few minutes early and grab a coffee before the rental shop opens. Everyone around us looks like they are heading to the mountains, or heading home from the mountains. This is Squamish. We swill back our caffeine and make our way over to the shop to get sorted.Isaac and Ryan show up, and shortly after Tristan. We are all here. We grab our gear and get going, hoping to make up time lost with the late start.The road way in to Rubble Creek is a short stint up the highway. 30km. You can’t miss it… I missed it. Had to double back. Shit. We pulled in and we’re soon met by snow, shallow and then deeper quickly. We know the drill. We will not make it to the parking lot and thus add distance to our trip. Likely about an additional 2km. Shit.A quick dig out on the side of the road for all 3 vehicles, packs on and we’re off. It would be nice if they plowed the road all the way to the parking lot. Grrr.Conditions were less than ideal. 1 degrees and raining. Long slog. Our last hour was travelled by headlamp until we finally got to the lake. It was cold, and we needed food. We huddled in the bear shelter and hammered back some instant meals and tea. Everyone started to settle in. Early night.The next morning we awoke to blue bird skies and pristine untouched snow across the lake.We ate and geared up. Our objective was to see if we could summit Clinker Peak, access by crossing part of the lake. Before we set out we said our goodbyes to Tristan who had to bail early to get back home.The lake crossing was amazing, and some unreal views of Black Tusk, completely snow covered.After the crossing and began our ascent up towards Clinker Peak. We quickly gained elevation and before long we were up on the ridge. Here is where conditions got a little hairy. Isaac and Ryan did a quick snow assessment and we decided better to turn back and tackle on a later date. Never ideal to turn back but that’s how it goes sometimes.We doubled back down off the ridge and were soon crossing the lake towards camp. Our later afternoon was spend sipping wine and chatting with folks that were on their way to cross the lake and head to the hut on the far side of the lake. An amazing day. We are all smiles, regardless of not bagging a peak. So glad to get out for these annual winter camping trips. We have been doing these trips for over ten years now, and for the most part the same group of folks. It’s such a contrast to the busy, muggy, summer season that sees hundreds of visitors accessing Garibaldi Lake and it’s surrounding trails.Cheers