The Wonderful Adventures of… Zoom!?

We are all trapped. Trapped in a bubble, waiting for it to burst. Isolation from quarantine has gone from interesting to frustrating.

We are all armed with backpacks and beef jerky waiting to explore. We are ready at the door. So until then… We Zoom!?

My friends and I have joined onto the craze of video conferencing. Weekly meet ups, where we can discuss the adventures that will be. All our future endeavors. I mean if there was ever a time to plan the coolest trips you could imagine, it’s now.

Picture this. I’ve got 6 friends together (on zoom) and we each start planning a different adventure. Day trip, overnight, whatever. Discussion, research, cost breakdown etc. By the time this quarantine situation dies down, we’ll be set for exploration for the next 24 months.

Now true, this is not the same as getting together in person, to scheme about the next mountain escape. But it’s here and it’s something that we can do. We can’t control the situation, but we can control how we deal with it.

So until then, we’re working on piecing together the next hiking trips, canyoneering adventures, cycle touring options, and kayaking exploration routes.

Let the zoom begin!


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