The Skip Day

We go and go and go.

We work, and train, and grocery shop, and train, and try to keep in touch with everyone, and train. It’s a lot. It’s good, but it’s a lot.

I am training for upcoming running races, cycling races, and endurance challenges. Assuming they are all still a go. Albeit, it’s been a slow return.

I thought I would touch on the subject of the Skip Day. The day solely chosen to be void of training. The recoup after a big ride or long hike.

I found myself tagging in one of these this week. A slow recovery from a 25km out and back hike last weekend that left my legs reeling. Top that off with mental fatigue. I was done. I made a mid week attempt at a ride, but nope. No go. Even though I knew it would be good for the legs, I had nothing left in the tank. I’ve never really been one to set aside days as Skip Days, but I needed it.

Fast forward a few days. My friends had booked a decent ride for the Saturday morning, the weather was good, not too hot and not too cold. An early start. Perfect. I made the effort to set the alarm and get up in time for the ride, but once that buzz went off on my phone I knew there was no chance I was going to join the boys. I crashed out again, and just really spent the day resting. I needed to recharge.

So Skip Days? Do you do them. Do they help you? Do you feel guilty taking them?

In the end I’m glad I didn’t go and push myself when I obviously needed the rest. I did end up lightly cycling for about an hour later in the day. So I guess it wasn’t a Skip Day all together. But certainly an eye opener on recognizing the need to recover can hit me more aggressively some days more than others.


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