2020 Rear view mirror

The snow geese fly over head. I have come accustomed to this now. They settle near my new home this time of year. I guess this is my new normality. Things to know about this time of year. And…Wow what a year it has been. Covid has been a bit of a thing. I know. Let’s digress. Ugh. This year held some amazing highs and … Continue reading 2020 Rear view mirror

In the void of adventure

So. Here we are. A world of adventurers. In a time unknown to us. Lost in the ripple effect of Corona Virus. At home (hopefully). Keeping on, keeping on. Isolated pods. How do we stay motivated. Moved. Moved to pick up a map and start drawing the line of our next adventure? Piecing together the next Epic? In short, by will. Please. Please do not … Continue reading In the void of adventure

Polarizing tides of Solo Travel

I woke up yesterday morning with this memory from my solo cycling trip in the summer of 2016. Going from Calgary to Vancouver. I was outside of a gas station on the outskirts of Kamloops BC. It was hot. That muggy kind of hot you can’t shake even in the shade of a tree. I was frustrated because I had to get off the main … Continue reading Polarizing tides of Solo Travel

Sunshine Coast Cycling

Hey folks. Last summer I cycled an amazing route along the Sunshine Coast. Rolling hills, some big climbs and some cold beers. I was asked recently if I could put together an article for folks looking to go cycle touring in that region. If you ever venture out this way it is a fantastic ride. Check out the article here: Cheers. http://www.explore-mag.com/Langdale-to-Lund-the-Sunshine-Coast-Cycling-Route-you-Need-to-Pedal     Continue reading Sunshine Coast Cycling

Cycle Touring Across BC

I had an opportunity this summer to tackle an Epic “Bucket list” type trip. Cycling from Calgary Alberta to Richmond BC. 11 days, 1100kms, and a few big hills to climb. I collaborated with Explore Magazine to share this journey. Enjoy the ride… Cheers http://www.explore-mag.com/Cycling-Alberta-to-BC-yes-this-is-how-i-choose-to-vacation   Continue reading Cycle Touring Across BC

A little closer…

Well They plane ticket has been booked! One step closer. This cycling trip is officially happening. Nice to get that part solidified and off my shoulders. Now becomes crunch time time for any edits to my route etc. I chose to ride Calgary to Vancouver (Richmond) over 11 days as apposed to 10 days with a day off somewhere in the middle. This decision was … Continue reading A little closer…

Pinning Together the Finer Points-CTS update

As March turns into April, I am now in full swing of putting the details into my trip. The route is set, and it is now a matter of organizing camp locations, setting daily km estimates, booking the flight and acquiring  a bike box for myself. With about 100 days or so to go… Things are going to start moving fast as this 1000 km cycling journey gets … Continue reading Pinning Together the Finer Points-CTS update