2020 Rear view mirror

The snow geese fly over head.

I have come accustomed to this now. They settle near my new home this time of year. I guess this is my new normality. Things to know about this time of year. And…Wow what a year it has been.

Covid has been a bit of a thing. I know. Let’s digress. Ugh.

This year held some amazing highs and lows.

It started out with me taking my son on his first ever official race. A 1km race on his birthday. Watch out future runners, there is a new sheriff in town.

This year I also got the opportunity to go canyoneering for the first (and second time). What an amazing experience. I went on an epic mountaineering trip with my brother and cousin, and managed to get in some outdoor climbing as well. This past fall I also tackled the first 50km of the sunshine coast trail, solo, a new completion project in the works.

A few of us (my regular hiking crew) got inspired and hatched an idea to start an outdoor collaborative group. A blog site, mutually shared, to help promote and encourage outdoor adventure and share the stories of not only our own endeavors, but those around us too. The birth of nextcoastadventures.ca unfolded!


It has performed amazingly in the short time we have had it up and running, and frankly during a very shitty time for launching anything more than a bottle rocket.

Autumn has come and gone, and too has Christmas. And with it has been a series of virtual racing that I have tagged myself in too. Many bumps in the road. But lucky for us adventurers, that’s how we like it.

At times we have had to trade adventures, for dreams of adventures, meet ups for zoom togethers, and so on. But so what.

So our big interruption gives us a moment of pause. A moment of reflection. Inflection. Take a deep breath… Compose yourself. And move on. And I don’t mean move on in the sense of “get over it”. I mean, Move on. Move forward. We all move forward.

There is a sense of wanting to shut the door on this year, it has been felt by almost everyone. But I encourage everyone to reflect over the year. It has not all been bad. We only get so many years. Good. Bad. They go by.

The snow geese fly over again. And again. And again. Seriously? Do they not know where they are going. Frick.


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