Let’s run… virtually?

Well we’re certainly living in a new realm. Trying to figure out how to get motivated and stay active is a challenge for most these days.

No different for me. I’ve always been someone who needs a goal to work towards to stay motivated. So signing up for races would push me to train, and so on.

Now, with the current state of things, all major racing events across the board are postponed, cancelled all together, or are held virtually.

The virtual option, I initially wasn’t a fan of. I felt it to be a watered down version of the true thing. No big group to race against, no big race day jitters, the excitement of everyone getting pumped up for the race to begin. The camaraderie.

But not all is lost. I recently took part in MOMAC, a virtual Adventure Race, with a few mates and it was amazing! We signed up, received our race package, including what disciplines were required, distances to complete, as well as some fun bonus activities to do. A small group of us got out, mapped out our route, tackled our challenge, and submitted our completed package back to the organization. Done and done.

True it was different than the real thing, but the race, is the race. You, or your team against the clock. And after completing with a couple close friends, I can tell you the camaraderie is still there!

Many racing organizations are going virtual, no only as a way to stay afloat, or recoup what they can from a lost season (these are cheap to put on) but also to provide people some opportunity to feel “normal”. These organizations are made up of racers too, folks who desire getting out and challenging themselves just like you and I.

So there may not be the big crowds, the excitement of the pre or post party. We will get back to that soon enough. Be patient, stay motivated.

Until then, join virtual racing, Strava groups, or motivate a few folks in your bubble to complete weekly challenges.

I’ve lined myself up for at least 3 more races by year’s end. See you out there.


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