The Running Project (part 6)

Well well well. We’ve made it to the end. That was something. An exhausting finish to the project would be an understatement. Lack of daylight running after work meant exciting activities like headlamp half marathons, or jamming as much into my weekends to catch daylight. But done is done!

Total km this year: 1250km

Total Half Marathons: 12

What is the take away? Am I happy with the results? Heck ya, this was exactly what I set out to do, it definitely felt a bit bonkers at times. But there is something to be said about setting goals. Visualize, and Act. Did I enjoy all of it? No definitely not. Those minor maintenance runs around the block, just trying to get distance in at times felt so pointless. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, right? Maybe, but maybe not. The whole is not achievable without the parts, so they are all equal, are they not. The half marathon does not happen without the 5/10/15km training runs. The pushing of pace, or furthering your distance beyond what you set out to do. I am humbled to respect all the kms it took to get here. The family support, the friends that joined in and put in the distance with me when I didn’t want to do it. A big thank you to all of you!

So where do I go from here? What’s next? Well the current thoughts are to have a quick breather. And then get hustling again. Having completed a 50km distance in a day this past year has sparked new ideas for the future. Ultra distance? Maybe. It definitely feels a lot closer to a reality than 2 years ago.

So stay tuned. This isn’t the end. Just the end of this chapter!


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