On the Horizon

It starts with a commitment. Visualizing a goal, setting up a path for yourself to navigate, and keeping yourself honest about the work that goes into achieving that goal.

Rolling into 2023, I hadn’t really set in stone any “must do’s”. Truthfully I was so busy trying to complete my last running project I hadn’t really given myself the time to reflect on the year that passed, and what the new year will bring. I am always one for setting goals for the new year, and sticking to them (when feasible). I knew this year was going to be about taking things to the next level. Time to get some of these ideas into lockdown mode.

2 years ago I set out to complete a marathon on my 40th birthday. Which I did. Since then I have maintained and pushed my running to places I had not previously thought about doing. Or at least not in the true sense of thinking I could do. But here we are 2 years and about 2300kms later. Ready to dig into what’s next.

The short list:

So far, I have committed to the BMO full marathon again. A Vancouver classic. I also have my eyes on the Thirsty Elk 25km out in the Fraser Valley later this summer.

The Big Ticket Items:

I have a few. One is to complete the last leg of the SCT, a project I have been working on for the past few years. The other two are a bit loftier. One is completing a “Backyard Ulta” a 60km single day route of my hometown Richmond BC. And the other is joining a couple other adventurers for a single day assault of the Timberline Trail. Some 66km and Approx. 3100m elevation. Both of these 60+km routes will be my furthest distance run or walked to date. The thought of either is undoubtedly daunting. But as goals go, you set them and work towards them. This is the opportunity to step up to the next level.


From here to there

So in short, with the current list of races, and adventures, though I have just come off a big running year, the training season has started. This will likely take a bit more focus, planning, and consistent cross training to achieve. Luckily I have a crew of friends and family that love tackling these sorts of adventures, and are along for the ride! What am I getting myself into.


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