The Running Project (part 5)

Well… The temperature is changing, the autumn has got it’s grip and pulled swiftly on summers extended stay. I guess welcome to wet running season!

Total km so far: 1045

Total half marathons: 10

Hydrate hydrate hydrate

This was not a concern over the summer. The hot weather made it pretty convincing to follow suite. However as the temperature is changing I always seem to struggle with the continual practice of proper hydration. I have always been a drink when I’m a thirsty type of person but recognizing that pre-loading water can be helpful, I have tried to get better at avoiding dehydration during longer runs.

This counts right?

Don’t get frustrated about running

Well… Do. It’s unrealistic to suggest that deciding to not get frustrated will work. So, get frustrated about running. It’s awful. It gets in the way of other things. It takes away from other opportunities you have and flat out, there is a good chunk of time, it doesn’t feel worth it…

But other times.. it’s glorious. It’s amazing. It pushes you to be honest, to commit, to challenge your abilities.

Doing literally anything else would be better

Running after a run? What?

Have you ever put in a big run, a really big run, or a run with a lot of elevation? The next day you wake up and slowly come to the realization that your legs will likely fall off, sometime in the early afternoon. And if you’re lucky enough to get through that day, the next will be far worse. Guaranteed. You have? Really? Me too!

So I will skip giving you some athletic reply about lactic acid etc, because I am just a guy who runs, and nothing more, but what I will say is getting out for a short (3-5km) the day after a big run, even though it will suck so bad, will save you the multiple day “F@#K RUNNING” “I CAN’T MOVE MY LEGS!” Did I mention it will still suck. Alot.

So happy I’m doing this

So hey that’s a wrap on part 5 of this lil project. As for me. Looking forward to these last two months and cracking that 1200km barrier. Catch you all at year’s end!


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