The Running Project (part 1)

For those of you that are just tuning in. You’re just in time! This is my running project for 2022. 1200km running for the year. I dragged myself out of a COVID slump in 2021 and attempted the 1000km challenge, completing it just days before the year’s end. So of course this set my brain into a frenzy of what ifs, and could I’s for 2022. Initially I got overzealous and thought ok if I can 1000km in a year could I run 1500km in a year? My brain is masochistic that way. I don’t know if I can or can’t, but I decided on 1200km for the year, as I have been running 100km per month for the last 4 months and recognized this to be a realistic goal. Upon all of this as a side goal, I have decided to attempt a half marathon each month of the year. Without further Ado, this is “The Running Project”.

I have run this road so many times

So we’re kicking this thing off. January and February complete distances completed.

Total distance running (YTD) 209km

Half marathons completed: 2

To start things off this year I searched around online for some motivation. Just coming off of the Christmas holidays, I knew I would need it!. I came across this awesome virtual challenge, the 60 North Challenge. A virtual 60km run/walk to be completed anywhere. Virtually. Get it. As if this hasn’t been the norm for a while. I happily obliged. A great way to start off the year and get the motivation juices flowing.

Running in -10, ah ya thanks I’ll pass! So here I was excited to get going and feeling inspired by all these folks from across Canada running in -18 and loving it, running in -27 with wind chill and looking amazing and here I was… Suddenly dealing with that? The west coast does not get these conditions. Not really. Now suddenly I was finding myself running in one of the biggest cold snaps we’ve had in years. Running in -10C? WTF. This was next level!

Cross Training is important. Note to self, one cannot only run. I have realized that if I am to last this project and hit my 1200km I will have to get serious at some cross training. Strengthening and offsetting my running with some other activities and frankly to take a break from, you guessed it. Running.

It’s not always fun! Over the last year running I have recognized that sometimes I don’t feel like running and sometimes I definitely don’t feel like running, but there are these moments, a change of scenery, or running with a friend, and I’m like ya.. running. It’s ok.

The race season is around the corner. I Realize I have a big racing season ahead of me. At least 10 more races this year that I have committed to, looking forward to getting this going. Follow along for the adventure!

The first 2 months in the books!


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