The Running Project (part 2)

Well damn, here we are 4 months into this. With March and April now in the books, and race season kicking off, things are definitely ramping up. What have I gotten myself into?

Total distance (YTD): 435km

Total half marathons ran: 4

With the world starting to normalize again, the opportunity to get back to “in person” races is a breath of fresh air. Kicking off with the Steveston Icebreaker 8k and the first of the 5peaks race at Alice lake 13k on the same weekend was a perfect way to get back in the swing of things.

Opportunities for supporting roles has also come up and is equally important. A chance to give back to the running community and supporting friends with their goals. I was lucky enough to get out and run as support crew for some friends running the 4x4x48 challenge raising money for charity. Also helped out with my first trail marshalling gig at the dirty Duo volunteering.

What’s next….new shoes….. again

Ah yes what is better than new shoes. Well the answer is keeping them! Had new shoes stolen right from my front door. FML! My hope.. is that whoever took them, needed them more than I did.

Next up: BMO half marathon and Golden Ears 5peaks race in the coming weeks


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