Ok, Amongst Other Things

Hey folks

Happy 2022 right. Are we all still here? Everyone geared up to give humanity another chance to move forward? Me too. Ok so this year, I am hopeful to tackle some epic shit! Not entirely sure what all is on the table, but I can say nothing is off the table at this point.

I will keep this brief. This post “Ok, Amongst Other Things” is a prelude. An idea that I have for 2022. I managed to tackle 1000 km running last year and wanted to up the anty. So my push for this year, 2022 is 1200km.

My thoughts were on updating this project on a monthly basis both for perspective and to keep honest about it. So throughout the year I am hopeful to be sharing cool insight on a month by month basis on what’s caught my attention, where i am at, and maybe just some general running life fodder to keep you all interested.

Hope your ready for the journey!



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