Dirtbag Adjacent

So when you’re not a dirtbag. You don’t live in a van. You don’t eat fine dining from the local shell gas station, or take “gentlemen’s baths” in public bathrooms, but you respect the life and the free spirit approach to spending your time climbing, what are you?

Dirtbag Adjacent?

I respect the culture, and truthfully, I wouldn’t be hard pressed to dive in to it. But I am comfortable being adjacent. Climbing is amazing and such a great outlet. But it is one of many things for me. I do love when I am able to spend some time escaping to this world.

Most recently over one of the long weekends I had the opportunity. I was (unfortunately) tagged to be OnCall for work but had also committed to climbing up near Squamish with my Brother and cousin. What was I to do?

Well like any good Covid-adaptive mid level worker, I naturally worked with my environment. I was fairly certain that there was reception from our climbing spot, Murrin Lake, just south of Squamish. Or at least I hoped so.

We all escaped the City pretty early. No traffic getting out of Vancouver, everyone taking it easy over the long weekend. We arrived at Murrin Lake around 8am. And made quick work of getting our gear and making our way to our playground for the morning. The “Canada wall”? Or something? The next few hours consisted of climbing, belaying, and answering phone calls for work.

As I have gotten older i realize that time spent is time spent regardless of objectives

Climbing at Murrin was amazing, and the ability to do this even on a work day makes this place a gem for local climbing. It has tonnes of climbing routes. You have to get there early because it it also a lake destination for many and has a limited amount of parking.

I’d love to share more about this place, the routes, the must do’s, but frankly I can’t, as I said I am adjacent at best. But if this is your bag, do some research and check it out.


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