Time for a change

Well. It is that time. Maybe serendipitous the changing of summer to autumn on the horizon. My work has made a change of my job as well.

Renewal and rebirth on my mind. Heading into the last quarter of the year, I still have some outstanding projects left to complete. Some races, some personal challenges. All of importance to me.

At least one in person race is on my horizon in less than a month from now. MOMAR. Mind over mountain adventure race. This has been my flagship race for the last number of years. So greatful that it’s still able to go ahead.

The last days of training as our team gets prepared to descend on Vancouver island for this multi discipline race. Kayaking, trail running, orienteering, and MTN biking. All throughout the hills above Cumberland BC.

MOMAR to many is measured in experience, participation, and completion (if you can). It has become a community of folks. Street cred!

Stay tuned for the outcome of this wild ride!


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