And just like that it’s over.

I woke up just before 6am. It was cool this morning. Not cold but cool. Enough to realize that summer is packing up and leaving town pretty soon. I’m up in the Cariboo on a Dad’s and kids camping trip on my friends parents property. What a riot. It’s labour day Monday, and the next chapter of life begins again tomorrow. A shift away from the endless summer days.

It’s been a wild summer. Hell a wild year already. Some great vacations to some amazing places. Catching up with family and friends. It’s been fantastic, and like that it’s over.

But not all is lost. So begins a shift to the next season. Autumn will be here soon. The weather will be getting cooler. Trails look more appealing to get hiking up without the slog of the summer heatwave, and there is enough good months ahead still until to snow hits… And then the snow hits. And that’s amazing too.

So here’s to everyone looking forward to fall hiking, camping, and adventuring.

As for me, I’m gearing up for MOMAR an adventure race in Comox valley in less than a month now. This will be my 3rd time racing this one. Can’t wait.


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