What drives the Adventure Race?

It’s only a handful of days until we pack up and make our way to Vancouver island for the annual MOMAR (mind over mountain adventure race) in the Comox valley. A 30/50km (depending on your level of masochism) multidisciplinary race consisting of kayaking, mountain biking, and orienteering. I am racing with my friend Jason, whom I have done MOMAR with before. Also joining us this year is his sister Erika, and my mate Seb, who is fresh off taking on the Grand Fondo, a 100+ km bike race which runs from Vancouver to Whistler. We haven’t all raced together before, but are in for a rollercoaster of a ride.

As the summer months have come and gone, and whatever training we have put in, is as good as it will be, I got myself to thinking. What drives the Adventure Race? What pushes folks to go beyond your average show up and run type races? (Not that I am knocking those by any means). But in the world of racing, adventure racing seems to be a culture of its own.

What is it that drives people to sign up for these ridiculous endeavors? Pleasure? Pain? Somewhere in between?

The pursuit of completion of these kind of races have always intrigued me. Eco challenge and such. The multiday, or multidisciplinary racing that hurls you into a fever pitch and pushes you harder, faster, and longer than any training you did to prepare for it.

And for what? Most are happy with a cold beer, slice of pizza, and a shit eating grin as trophies for these endeavors.

For me it’s the sense of being alive, and pushing those limits, and seeing others around me push their limits to new heights. That and someone to high five with at the end.

What drives you?

So me and my crew will assemble on Vancouver island in the coming days and test our mettle.

For all you 2019 MOMAR attendees, see you all in Cumberland, hope you’ve rested up.


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