Crunch Time.

If you have been following along, you know that time has ticked down to a handful of days before we leave. Our big trip down to Mexico, looming in front of us. Though the flight has been booked for a while, the game plan all but sorted out, there is still that “Holy Shit” factor. As if this trip just popped up out of nowhere. Perhaps a testament to the busyness of my life these days.

I find my mind wandering into all the usual pre trip hot spots that it does. What size backpack should I bring? What is the temperature on the mountain at night? Should I bring freeze dried Chicken? or Beef? Etc. Logistics issues. But there is also something more. Something bigger. This trip, this project, is a lot different from many I have been on before. For one thing the objective itself, is far bigger than most I’ve been involved with. The thought of climbing the 3rd highest peak in North America is not lost on me, and is starting to sink in…

But there is the underlining aspect of this trip. The Why? The question that we are heading out to hopefully find answers to. Is it the climb, the comradery, the spirit?

I am super excited to be a part of this project and the climbing team itself.

We embark on our journey two weeks from tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather and fair passage.

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