Bikes,Beers,and the Boys

So last weekend was our Annual “Guys Trip”. A standing tradition that me and a few friends have been keeping alive for a number of years now. It usually takes the form of some physical discipline and camping. Not always the same folks make it out, and not always the same activities year after year. This year was no different.

Making The Choice

Our game plan this time around spawned from a trip that me and my buddy Dave took to the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show back in February where we chatted with a few different mountain bike guides looking to book tours for this summer. After leaving the show we entertained a few different ideas, but ultimately stuck with the idea of a guided 1/2 day ride with us and a few other friends.

I did some research and came across Ride BC based out of Squamish. I connected with our guide James back and forth over the next few months pinning down the details.

Flash forward to last weekend. We met our guide at Corsa bikes in Squamish BC to get fitted for our bikes, sign our death waivers and go over the game plan for the day.

Skills to pay the Bills

James took us up to some trails that hang above Alice Lake where we did a few practice routes to get the feel for the bikes and go over any questions before going for a rip. We were all jacked to get going. And then we were let loose on the hills…


All in all, probably a good 3+ hours of riding, and we were all left with Shit Eating Grins and the feeling of “We could totally do this all day”. We were taken on a number of different trails and all manageable for the breadth of our skills our group possessed.

Beers for the win

After the ride we went for some well earned bevvies and eats at a local spot in Squamish.

And as a bonus for us there is also a few micro breweries in Squamish, they required visits before we headed to our campground. We hit up A frame and Back Country brewing. We then continued on into the Squamish valley for some river front camping. With about a dozen or so growlers and Prawn Tacos for dinner, we did good. Real good.


Another successful Guys trip in the books and some ideas already mounting for next year. Big thanks to James and Ride BC for he day.

These are my boys. We don’t all get to spend as much time together as we used to but we make it count when we get together. Cheers Gentleman. (A short video link below)

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