When you are short on time

So when your short on time but still have that hunger to climb to new heights, what do you do? Well me and my friend Tristan have found ourselves in that very predicament.

Both having young kids at home, and busy work schedules, it isn’t always as easy to regularly get out and tackle some of the bigger projects we both have our eyes on, but this is one we have had in our pocket for a while.

The game plan, take off next week and summit Mount Hood, Oregon.

For me, it will be my 2nd 10,000+ ft climb and a step up from last year’s summit of Mount Baker, Washington. For Tristan, another stepping stone towards bigger things.

So what’s the catch…short on time?

We are planning to tackle this in a gauntlet of 72hrs. Driving from Vancouver BC, down to Oregon, climb, sleep, climb, summit, descend, camp, and head north back to Canada.

Short and sweet. Quick and dirty. Whatever you want to call it.

This is sometimes the way it is. We set our objectives, some bigger than others and try to jam it in where we can. Whether it’s in another country and 2 states down or in our own backyard. I’m pretty excited we have pushed to take this from the drawing board to reality, albeit a short reality. Living out our dreams.

Keep posted to see how we fare.


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