Gracias Golden Ears Fondo

So last Saturday, my mate Seb and I go rolling in to Peace park at the southern tip of Coast Meridian road on the banks of the the Pitt River. We were there to attend the inaugural Golden Ears Fondo. Race 1 in a triple crown race series. The other 2 being The Cowichan Crusher in June, and the Kettle Mettle in September.

The weather was slightly overcast and not too hot. Perfect riding conditions. As we made our way through the usual pre race package pick up we noticed a lot of group riders or teams. Both of which we aren’t a part of. We made it back to my car and started comparing food and tools and seeing what we could 86 before go time.

As we pulled up to the start line we now found ourselves standing in a very expensive sea of mountain, road, and cyclocross bikes raring to get moving. There was a slight delay to the start, which we later heard was so to a police incident somewhere along our course and the organizers were trying to sort out a possible go around.

Finally we got underway. The weather held out ok through out the race. The dust from all the gravel riding also made an appearance in our bikes and persons we’re soon covered in a “paste” of sweat and dust. Maybe it helped keep the sun off? I digress.

The race made its way from Port Coquitlam over the bridge into Pitt Meadows doing a big loop in the farm lands and the down to the airport and back up to Poco again. Fairly flat, and less than 20% on actual roads, this race was perfect for the following: a) using a mountain bike, and b) shit kicking your road bike. I was in the latter category.

As the morning wore on my legs were kicking up a fuss with some promise of cramping if I didn’t take a break. We hopped off the bikes at about the 55km mark. I stretched out the legs, popped some advil, murdered a Clif bar, and we were on our way again. We made our way down to the Pitt Meadows airport to the end of the trail which also marked our last turn around point for the race. The energy started coming back in knowing the end was near. Truth be told I did very little training for this race, and by little I mean none. And I paid for it. We did one more crossing over the water and back to Peace park and the finish line. Boom. Mic drop.

4 hours 28 minutes.. or so. Tired. Dusty. But spending time with a good mate, riding a bike, and drinking some cold ass beer over looking the river is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.


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