Up next..Gravel Fondo?

So you know when you sign up for a race on a whim. You know you really don’t have any expectations on the outcome, or even what you might be getting yourself into.

That would be me with the current race on my plate. The Golden Ears Gravel Fondo. It is it’s inaugural race and 4 days before the race, most of the conversation about the route is still hush hush. Some of the course rolls through private property.. so they don’t want folks rolling up early to do some recon. Fair enough.

This looks to be an amazing race. 95+ kms of cycling gravel trails and roadways. It has been a few years since I’ve jumped on a race of this length but when I came across the ad for it, it looked too good to pass up.

I convinced a mate of mine to sign up with me for the day. So at least the suffering will be shared.

If you got what it takes.. here is the link


Keep posted of our race day activities!


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