New Inspirations

So addimittedly I have been pretty non-existent lately though not completely off the radar.

I have kept myself busy with an early April Trail race under my belt for the year and am switching gears into training for my upcoming 100+km Golden Ears Fondo (cycling) in just over a month.


Truth be told, my inspiration has been waning lately. Not for lack of opportunity of outdoor engagement, let me be clear of that.

Perhaps it is just the reality of real life.

I know that in this day and age it is very easy to get disillusioned by scrolling through the likes of FB or the Insta-world and feel that you are the laziest person attached to what we call the outdoor community. Apparently everyone else is outside right now climbing every peak all the time and is happy as shit doing it with little more than cool shades and spandex.

I call BS.

I find that I require setting up challenges for myself or little projects to pin on my horizon to push towards. My inspiration comes from things like Signing up for a race. Picking a peak to climb (preferably one that is not full of people). Sometimes it’s from grabbing a book from the library on hiking in an area I have not yet explored or ordering a new peice of outdoor equipment and the anticipation of getting out to try it.

I enjoy the balance of a busy city life and escaping to the mountains when I can. Though taxing at times, I make it work.

And above all I think the most important thing is being honest about where your at. We can’t all spend our lives being outdoors all the time. Selfie stick in tow. The reality is we still have to sit down and do our taxes, take the cat to the vet, get the car serviced,etc. This does not make us less than sponsored athletes or less passionate about hiking than others. These passions that inspire us are part of who we are, but there other parts of us too.

All of these parts are what make us who we are, so they all matter. Hopefully this in itself can be a small inspiration for others..


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