Processing Time.

Grizzly Bear’s “Yellow House” Album is playing and I, sitting on my kitchen floor with coffee in hand am processing.

For me this is common. This is my spot. For others it may be yoga, painting, or meditation and such. In this crazy 24/7 life that we are all breezing through at lightning speed I think it is extremely valuable to give ourselves this time to process. Time to filter through our day to day and week to week decisions, goals, and plans of execution. Without this time we are all simply gunning it down the highway in the fast lane trying to get to an unknown destination. Perhaps it is wiser, no fuck that. I know it is wiser to pull off that highway from time to time, get your bearings and try to figure out just where exactly you are heading.

So stop a moment. Grab your paint brushes, or yoga mat, or put the coffee on, grab a seat and load the next album.

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