A Dream of Rainier

Climbing Mount Rainier has been on my mind and on my radar for a long time, all 14000+ feet of it. I find that it keeps randomly coming up in conversations, and not always by me. Sometimes someone mentions reading about it, or that they know someone who climbed it and suddenly my ears perk up. I have spoken with folks in my hiking and climbing wheelhouse about tackling it and we all sit there and ponder the greatness of a trip like that. As the weather is slowly changing here on the west coast I am thinking more about mountain trips and less about summer cycling adventures and this has brought my mind back to Mount Rainier. Though a successful summit would likely take place between June and September perhaps now is the perfect time to start the planning process of tackling such a feat. I don’t know when I will be able to take it on, next summer? the summer after? Regardless I am finding myself slowly  pulling the pieces together (at least in my mind). Perhaps it is time to start putting these thoughts to paper.

In the short term I have a few smaller projects on the go. Up next, we are less than a month away from an overnight summit attempt on Sigurd peak in the Squamish Valley.


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