Monthly Archives: November 2016

Have you ever had to turn back from a trip? After going through all the route planning, logistics, packing, heading out the door and… something goes wrong. Someone in the group gets injured or sick. Or weather turns on you so fast that your forced back. It’s hard. Hard to walk away from all that effort you put in, the expectations of what you hoped to get out of the experience. Or… Read More

Well I have a chance to get a quick bag night before the end of November (and I will take it!). Managed to convince my cousin and my mate Jason to join in this short but exciting endeavour. Our plan is to climb Sigurd Peak in Squamish Valley BC. Forecast is looking so so. But you never know, we might luck out. So the bag is packed and T minus 14 hours until the alarm… Read More

Hey Folks. I finally had a chance to sit down and out together a bit of a slide show of my trip from this past summer cycle touring from Calgary Alberta to Richmond BC. Here is a link to it on my you tube page. Cheers.