The Running Project (part 4)

Meh, am I crazy. How long is a year. Dedication to this project for an entire year feels bigger than I thought. Especially given that I have broken down my running into little mini projects. Hitting 100km every month. It starts to become an obsession.

Total km so far: 837

Total half marathons: 8

When the going gets tough?

As of late, the energy has been hard to build up week after week. Monotony. I chisel away at it. Some weeks I’m motivated, some not. But keep going.

Look at your situation.

I’m recognizing that there is a lot of honesty to running. You can’t bullshit. You get out what you put in. Poor diet, poor nutrition, will lead to poor running results. Believe me. I tested the theory. Give yourself a break when you need it. But not for too long!

Well I don’t want to complain, but the heat!

I know it’s summer, and we all love sitting around the lake or kicking back having a few cold ones on a hot day. But damn, running had got to be the shittiest thing you can think of doing on a 30 + degree day. It’s ugly. And our summers have only been getting hotter. I am definitely looking forward to running in some cooler weather.

Finding new places to run.

I have found throughout this project that some of the funnest running is when I go out without a big route designed. Either go with the flow, set a time amount as opposed to a distance and skip the route mapping. Running in different communities or on vacation (Ya I’m that guy) can be some of the most rewarding as you don’t know what to expect.

Trail running out in Chilliwack BC

The last of the 5peaks series!

As part of my attempt to keep motivated this year I signed up for the 5peaks trail race series. 5 races between April and August on five different mountains. What an amazing experience. These folks put on a great series here in BC, and they are located in Alberta and Ontario as well. This will likely be a repeat again next year.

Well that’s it for this check in. 4 more months to get my 1200!


Green Lake BC

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