The Running Project (part 3)

Well May and June complete. Running season is in full swing.

Total distance (YTD): 636km

Total half marathons completed: 6

With the 5 peaks trail series more than half way done, I’ll be looking for some additional trail running races to tag on in the second half of the year.

Golden Ears Race

There have definitely been some polarizing moments along this journey. I went for a short run this week in 30 degree weather in Richmond and got to thinking that 6 months ago running the same route it was -10 degrees. That’s bananas to think of a 40 degree difference.


Another moment was during my first ultra. I mean the fact I even attempted it was crazy. In the end I joined because I had promised my brother a drop off at the start line at a god awful hour and thought if I’m going to get up that early I may as well attempt the run myself, which in this case meant a 50km run over the north shore mountains and over 2400m elevation gain. This wasn’t something even remotely in my wheelhouse a year ago, in fact I had often wondered how someone gets themselves up to that level of doing any sort of ultra, and it turns out that you just have to convince yourself that it’s a good idea (and be in constant training mode)

The start of the day, before we knew what we were getting into
Navigation if creeks was interesting
Roughly Halfway
This is a bridge. We crossed it. I don’t have much more to say about it.
Nearly done
12+ hours, 50km in the books.

So here we are. July 2nd. The day after Canada day. I’ll check in again in September and see if I’m still breathing.


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