The Anticipation of Adventure

You find yourself with only days left of work. Hours really. You suddenly realize that the slow process begins. It almost creeps up on you. The transition between work life “you” and adventure “you”. The shedding of skin. We’ve all been there. The peeling off of workplace responsibility, the digging out of gear. Bedrooms, or home offices being monopolized by our backpacks, tents, and such. Our back up gear also emerges, and our “I might need this…I think?”.

Our partners wondering why we felt the need to pull out backpacks and supplies weeks ahead of a trip. Our response of somehow justifying our need to pack and repack 11 times. Are you with me so far?

There is something magical about this time. It’s a transformation that is happening. The breaking through of the chrysalis.

We all lead different lives, and within those lives there are different layers, roles, responsibilities and expectations. There is “work us”, “friend us”, “partner or parent us”, and such. But there is also the “us” deep down. The stripped away layers “us”.

When it comes to preparing for the next adventure, the transition time between plan and execution is somewhat of a dance. A little here and there, then maybe a bit each day, followed by the inevitable “oh crap I need to actually get ready for this!”. We find ourselves not quite able to commit mentally until that last workday ends, the last meeting completed, and then it becomes real. Go time.

It’s important that we acknowledge this time. This is the beginning of the adventure. We can sometimes almost forget this. It can start out as almost arduous. A thought. A what if i… Then the research begins. Choosing, and scraping this route for that. This camp location for another. A big push or an additional night away. Is this objective amazing or ridiculous? The agonizing for making final decisions, commiting to them. But also having a solid plan B. And the the gear and packing. Oh don’t even get me started on the packing. Poles, tents, rum, crampons, rum, and, oh ya I already said that. But before long we are there. On the doorstep. Waiting to cross the threshold. Stepping out into the next unknown for us.

Embrace this time. It is all part of the journey.


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