So we climb!

Well, end of November, early December. The year is wrapping up, my climbing gym is closing soon for renovations. Small window in the weather saw clear skies last weekend, and with impending changes to the weather on the north shore of Vancouver, combined with me and my cousins newly anointed lead climbing course under our belt, we headed outside.

After spending the last year gaining the skills to even feel confident to get outside and climb, it’s exciting to go and test our new found skill set on real rock.

The weather stayed true to the forecast. Clear but cold up in Sully’s hangout (The win had to be the hand warmers in the chalk bag). We had a late start as “dad duties” for both of us trumped getting out for a full day. No biggie. Life is Life, and if can squeeze in a bit of outdoor climbing in a wintery Saturday afternoon, that’s not too bad.

We ran a few routes before calling it a day. The afternoon got me to thinking how this may change future adventures. My brother, my cousin, and myself now with lead climbing under our belt, will the projects get bigger? Or just more technical? Both are likely.

So, a short afternoon climbing, a quick pint at Bridge Brewing in North Vancouver, and an open mind about the potential shifting of gears for future trips. My cousin is already working on ideas for a project near Castlegar BC… Possibly for 2020!