One step closer

So here’s a short one. An update really. As I have been slowly getting into rock climbing, there has been this nagging feeling that eventually I will have to up my game.

I have been climbing roughly once a week for about a year now. Tackling the slow progress with my brother and cousin. Top roping, building my strength and skill, and trying to imagine how to get to a point of lead climbing and belaying. Looking at other climbers in the gym, it’s easy to feel that I am not that close to being ready.

But with the weather changing ever closer to winter and our climbing gym closing the wall in a few weeks for renovations, my brother and cousin hatched a plan. “Let’s just get it done”.

I thought for a day on it. Well…ok, fuck it. Why not. I have oftentimes leaned on the principal of pushing myself into uncomfortable situations.

So we took our lead climbing and lead belaying course together this past Saturday with another friend of ours, also sitting in the same situation as us, and went back to the gym tonight and took our final test.

And… Boom. Certified. Lead Belay. Lead Climb. One step closer to us getting outside and exercising our skills in a more formal manor. Skills to add to our wheelhouse, as we push ourselves further into the Backcountry, push ourselves to get further out into the wilderness and truly explore.

One step closer.


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