So it seems that just as quick as journeys end, so to, journeys begin. We have just come off our Mexico project, finally feeling normal again, and yet here we are scrolling maps and planning out the next adventure. Mount St Helens. Washington State, here we come, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Mount St Helens has been talked about in our circle for a little while now as an option for a friend’s 40th birthday trip. It’s notoriety comes from its eruption almost 40 years ago to the day, where it lost a sizeable chunk of it elevation. It now sits at approximately 8300ft, down from it’s original 9600ft.

We plan on tackling this as a good long day trip, with hopefully enough energy to spill some pints afterwards to celebrate our friends birthday.

This is my style of trip planning. I always struggle with the voided feeling after a big trip as things begin to normalize, so why not plug in the next adventure. After all, this is what we are all here for. We roll out in about 2 weeks.


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