Wedge Mountain

The realizing of a dream.

So we are about 2 1/2 weeks from our next adventure. A three day exploration of the Wedge Mountain area in the northern tip of Garibaldi provincial park. The access trail is situated just north of Whistler BC.

Now this will not be our first trip up to Wedge, in fact not even our first winter trip up there. Our hopes are however, that this year will bring us something different. Something more. A completion of a certain chapter of our lives. Here’s the back story…

We first hiked up a few years ago as an introduction to the area and a look at possible hiking routes in the future. We slogged up there on a sunny and hot day. No more on our agenda other than simply to check it out. We set up camp, cooled down by the lake, and eventually cracked open a few beers as the sun was slowly dipping in the sky.

Two other hikers made their way up and also set up camp for the night. However before too long and before daylight faded they stood out front of the warming hut laying out a bunch of gear. Ropes, harness, etc. We we’re intrigued. We inquired. The guys were planning on crashing out soon. Getting up in the middle of the night and Climbing up the glacier to Wedge Peak to catch and photograph the sunrise.

Me, my brother and cousin stood there in awe. Major Jelly! We had talked about wanting to take things to the next level time and time again. To hike beyond the trails and path systems. To become confident enough to navigate through the Backcountry. This is who we wanted to become.

We we’re fairly avid hikers, with a decent amount of overnight trips under our belts, but had not yet attained the skills required to tackle such a feat. However I think that in that moment, standing there we all recognized a dream worth chasing.

Since that trip we have kept busy with taking up avalanche safety training, intro mountaineering training, cutting our teeth over the likes of Sky Pilot, Baker, and even Hood all in an effort to become what we saw, what we wanted for ourselves. The three of us have pushed eachother and have connected with some amazing folks and friends along the way.

So this coming February, our trip up to Wedge is about more than bagging another peak. It is about recognizing a dream and chasing it down.

Keep posted of our efforts and trip report.


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