The next step..

So here we are. Early December. My journey of adventure has been a bit on the bench as of late. In a twist of events in other parts of my life, work etc. I have side tracked spending time reviewing topo maps, and planning out multi day trips in lieu of forwarding career and trying to figure out family life.

The juggling world is a tricky one. Whether or not I am doing it right? I don’t know. The 2 world’s almost pull eachother in opposite directions. One is a pull into the world of pushing limits and self exploring of limitations and abilities, and the other is a world of balancing getting through work days, meetings, training, while trying to spend time with family and try to teach the next round of life. Instill the values I grew up with, the beliefs I have, all the while recognizing that they will grow to have their own values that will grow out of it.

I am trying to still keep my foot in the door of the outdoor world. I have been pushing through an injury that has been nagging me for a while. However I have been able to get a few races under my belt. A 100km bike race, a 10km trail race and terrain racing in the last few months. But this injury in my hip will not subside.

So where do we go from here. What is the next step. I need to find my way back. Back to the woods, back to the mountains, and foggy mornings, and alpen glow.

I have signed up with a physiotherapist and sort out this hip.

The future is not yet determined.

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