Processing Time 2.0

So here I am. Same paint on the wall. Same kitchen. Different album, and different time in my life.

I was looking back this morning at one of my posts from about a year ago. “Processing Time”. It got me thinking about how much of a whirlwind the last 12 months have been. Having a child, new job, and the life evolution that comes with it. An adjustment to say the least. A year ago I was winding down from a season of races, hiking trips, and other adventures. Now a days I’m rocking a much more domestic lifestyle (at least for the time being).

I have managed to get some mountain schooling in (Mountaineering course) and have tackled a few trips. Later this month I have a trail race coming up and i’m pumped to get back out there. But I must admit it. Things are different now. Not bad different, but different.

When I read back at “Processing Time” I remember where my head was at. Things in my workplace were chaotic, and my wife was maybe 6, 7 months pregnant. I was standing at the doorway of very big life changes and I think the blog piece was a way to remind myself to get things out of fifth gear and slow things down if even for a moment.

Perhaps that is what this blog piece is about as well. A check in.

I am half way through my parental leave and it won’t be long before I head back to work and thus begins the next juggling act: Family, Work, Outdoor Lifestyle. The unison of it can all be done. That I am sure of, as long as the priorities lie in the right sequence.

And with that Asher is stirring, and I must go. Oh ya and the album is Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”.


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