Mount Cook 

Living out here on the west coast we are spoiled to have the coastal mountains in our backyard. Want to go for a day hike? Your about an hour away from world class mountains. Want a quick bag night? Take your pick of the many destination mountains available. Which is what we did…

Mount Cook. Just North of Whistler BC. Accessed via Wedgemount Lake. The hike up to the lake and camping area is fairly steep but a well managed trail.

There is camping along the lake edge as well as up in the hills. We went up on a Saturday morning. The trail was overtaken by day trippers. We took our time. Our objective for the day was to make it to the lake and scout out the route for the summit the next day. We eased our way to the lake and snagged a campsite. After a quick bite to eat and the tent set up, we continued over a bluff where we could get a good vantage point of Mount Cook itself.

Satisfied with what laid ahead for the next day we wandered around a bit and enjoyed the views before calling it a day.

Through the night the temperature dropped down to just above freezing. Its clear that our warm summer has long gone, leaving the cool autumn in its place.

We get up early to fill our water from the creek about 20 minutes from our camp. After that cold sleep it was good to get the body moving. We got back to our campsite, had a bite to eat and then packed our gear for the summit.

We set out. It was slightly overcast skies with hints of blue teasing that the weather would improve. The steep grade that we had going up to the lake continued up the mountainside. The bonus, our view kept rapidly getting better and so to the weather. The clouds started breaking and we even got a bit of sun.

We continued upward, hitting a bit of snow and then finally to the top.

(View of Wedgemount Peak from most of the way up Mount Cook)

We took in the view for a little bit and then made our way back down the steep slope. We got back to camp, had a bite to eat and packed up.

A short weekend in the mountains. But we can do that here. We are blessed, and should remember that.


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