Cycle Touring Saga – New Beginnings

Its mid February. It is rainy and not cold outside. It hasn’t been for some time now (Classic Vancouver). Though spring is still a little more than a month away I doubt winter has much more to throw at us. As I’m digging around in my spare room for something I look at the pile of pieces in front of me that is my bike. It has been sitting like this for a while. Like a plant in hibernation. This has got me thinking about my cycling trip from Calgary AB to Vancouver BC scheduled for some time this summer. I had put off thinking about it for the last couple months. My mind had been focused on Christmas and winter trips. At work I have 2 weeks to put in my vacation request for the remainder of the year. I know this will be the first step in the planning process of the trip. What is different this time is the reality of doing a trip like this solo for the first time. I have been reading different articles online about pros and cons of solo bike travel. Most seem to offer the same advice. “Hope you like spending time by yourself!” or “If things go sideways it’s all on you.” Truth is I have never done something like this alone before which has got me feeling both excited and a little nervous.

I know that I plan to go sometime between July and August, which gives me roughly 5ish months to put everything in order. Booking a flight, campground reservation where needed etc. In terms of training, between training for a full marathon in May and hopping on my bike for a number of extended day trips with and without my gear. I am comfortable with the process.

As for going solo on the trip. My feelings are of inspiration. A new beginning. I like to think of it as an opportunity to gain a perspective that I haven’t before. Time to throw on some “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros”, piece the bike back together and get the wheels spinning again.


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