A thought on Adventure

A classic adventure. What does it consist of? An objective? A peak? Solitude, or a shared experience? Are there Trials and tribulations? Is there Triumph or agony? Certainly one does not come without it’s counterpart.

This is what makes a true adventure. No peak is without adversity. No summit push is as easy as one foot in front of the other.

No two trips are really ever the same. This is a good thing. This means that we need not try to go out and re-create a previous trip. We are not bound to the same experiences over and over.

I think back on some areas that I have explored over the years, and have gone back to re explore again and found that anything I was trying to do there was a straight comparison to a previous time. As if a better than or worse than? It takes away from the moment.

This is not to say that we should go to a place once, or experience something once and be done with it and move on. Though this may be the case for some places, or projects, it is not the case for all.

I think there is a fine line between exploration in our own backyard for comfort and the choice of spreading our wings a bit. We shouldn’t be afraid of the latter.

I see all these places, these experiences, the highs and lows not only as different individualized trips, but as a connected experience too. As if you are checking off a bigger list as you go. First overnighter, first solo trip, first winter camp. There is a thread connecting them all together. You.

We are all drawn to these escapes, and adventures as a clarity point, a clear our head from the day to day, or to recharge our hearts and minds, and each and every time we do, we are better for doing so.

There are endless peaks and valleys out there. Some big, some small. But a peak earned is a peak earned, and they bring us all right back here. Sharing in the experience together. So the question is, what’s your next adventure consist of?


One thought on “A thought on Adventure

  1. This is a really cool take on adventures. I like your point that the thing connecting each adventure is “you”. It definitely feels like each backpacking trip, hike, or other adventure I go on helps me grow a little bit, which is probably why adventures are so awesome : )


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