Rear View Mirror 2019

So here we are. The beginning of 2020. I just got back from a few days rest out of town, and finally have a moment to plug in. I’ve been thinking back over the year. 2019 was definitely a year of taking things to the next level.

Working on building my climbing skills (of which I don’t have much), a few big projects, Pico de Orizaba summit in Mexico, Mount St Helens summit in Washington State, visits to Texas, and Colorado, to mention a few. In short, busy.

A year of taking a break from running, and switching gears into new things.

And another year of sharing stories. A passion for me, to both live these adventures, and to share them. Recognizing that we are all of people, of places, and of experiences. Everyone has a story to tell.

So what’s next. Let’s keep on moving. Off to the next journey. Thanks to all of you who take the time to read and share these little snapshots of my life.