Film Festivals and Trail Races

A very busy weekend out here on the west coast. Film festivals, races, and trade shows.

I took part in yesterday’s MEC racing series. A great day out at Burnaby Lake BC. 10.5 kilometers of trail, ice, and snow. The sun was shining, and the temperature was perfect for running. A great outing to get my legs moving, and the first race of the year for me.

This weekend was also the Vancouver outdoor adventure show, which featured a whole host for guides and outfitters for every kind of adventure you can think of. I was definitely able to find some good material, insight, and some ideas for future projects.

Lastly, the finale for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival was last night out in North Vancouver. Sasha DiGiulian presented some raw footage from her latest project The Canadian Trilogy, in Banff AB. and we saw a great film about kite surfing and mountain climbing in Antarctica. Yes that’s correct. Antarctica. Fun night out with my brother as always.

A busy weekend indeed. Feeling motivated, and inspired for some new projects to get started. Keep Adventuring!


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