Towing the Line

Well. I must confess. Between having a newborn and starting a new job, some parts of my life have taken a hit. It has been a learning curve that has come fast and hard, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Though I have had to slow down my frequency of trips and activities, it is probably the first time in years that I have brought myself to a pace of reflection and the headspace to look forward beyond the next race or adventure.
I suppose timing couldn’t be better as I am resting an injury in my foot.

Through all this, plans are still moving forward. I am excited to be tackling a mountaineering course at the end of the month through Altus Mountain Guides in Squamish and am slowly collecting all the necessary gear for our Mount Baker trip this summer. Mentally and physically, I am getting myself in training mode. Between hiking and cycling (both of which are affecting my injury) I am feeling better than I was about a month ago, and maybe a bit more reflective.

Unrelated, There are a few things that have come to mind recently that i felt needed posting:

  1. Major props to all the Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts out there, both professional and amateur that are trying to juggle their love for outdoor adventure and a home life. It is no easy task, and at the best of times there are huge sacrifices that need to be made by all family members involved. This is maybe something that i had not opened my eyes to a few years (or even months) ago.
  2. RIP Ueli Steck and Mike Hall. I have never met either of these folks, but they were both, in some small way, a connection of inspiration to me. I have been going to Vancouver’s international mountain film festival for years now, and Ueli Steck has come up time and time again, in documentaries. He was always pushing the limit, finding new endeavours of self realization. And Mike Hall, my only exposure to him was through a documentary I saw on Netflix called “Inspired to Ride”. I was so impressed by his drive and determination to push himself, well beyond anything I could even dream of. Both of these amazing athletes have passed in recent weeks, and I felt it was necessary to acknowledge both of them as I feel a connection to their dedication to their prospective crafts.

So for now I will maintain in training mode and juggle the world of Adventure & Home life. Keep posted for updates from my Mountaineering weekend in Squamish!


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