Sights on Baker

Feeling freshly re-inspired to get back outside again from both the Vancouver Outdoor Show and the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival I have attended over the last two months I decided to sit down with my hiking group to have a discussion. The topic: Our upcoming summer trip…

Months ago we had originally looked at taking on Mount Rainier, but between trying to align all our vacation schedules, juggling a family life, and a few key conversations with some veterans in the mountaineering community we shifted our sights to Mount Baker. A closer destination to us in terms of travel time, and with a lesser elevation it would be a perfect stepping stone for us before attempting Rainier in the future.

Situated in Washington State, just over the border from us, Mount Baker is an iconic image in the pacific northwest and can been seen throughout the lower mainland. As a kid I remember looking at Mount Baker as some far off place. So big and so foreign. It seems fitting that all these years later I plan to actually climb it.

In preparation for the trip, my cousin and I (and possibly my brother) are taking a mountaineering course Altus Mountain Guides in Squamish BC. I am super stoked for this 3 day course, skills training and mountain summit. We are booked for the end of May and it already feels like it is just around the corner.

So the stage is set, our plan is to summit Mount Baker on the Canada Day long weekend! Time to dust off the gear and get mountain ready.



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