When should you “Go it Alone?”

Trips. Travelling. Embarking on some new journey. We have all enjoyed these times with friends and loved ones, but what about when that changes…

It is tough (for me) to jump out there on my own and see the world by myself. Maybe because I have always had a group of folks around me that were readily available to drop what they were doing and join in. Lucky. Right. But as time moves on and the lives of those around me keep changing, I find myself being slowly shifted over to the “Solo” Traveller. It is not a bad thing, but rather an inevitability I guess. I know  that I am not the first one to go through this, nor will I be the last, but it does raise the question “When should you go it alone?”

It changes the trip I think. The experience becomes that of yours and yours alone. The sunrise, the sunset, the view of endless mountain tops. It becomes a journey of your own world. You become a lot more introspective (for better or worse I suppose?).

My take on it is “if there is something that compels you to get out there, you’ll go”. So if the road is calling…

Just a thought.


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