Monthly Archives: November 2015

Well this is the first update to my “Cycle Touring Saga”, the game plan still being that this coming July I will be flying to Calgary and then cycling back home to the Coast. Unfortunately my brother Isaac will not be joining me as originally planned.  However my friend Candace still seems quite game to join me. I am very excited about this project as this will be my first 1000+ kilometre… Read More

Bogachiel Or Bust! It’s early. 630 I think. We are in Victoria and getting ready to make our way south to Port Angeles. We left Richmond yesterday afternoon took the ferry to Swartz Bay. Then it was only a 33km ride to get here. Some beers and anticipation about what we were undertaking made for a great afternoon on the Lochside trail. We had dinner at the Irish Times pub… not too… Read More

7/08/14 Just got home from a dance party. It is officially 4 weeks (minus 3 days) until our big trip. We are at July 8th and I have just come off a week long holidays. Most of which was spent on a cycle from Richmond to Mt. Baker. 115kms by Candace’s calculations. 6.5 hrs of “not too bad” up and down hills with our biggest wonder being “Are we ready for this?”…. Read More

A cycling trip from Vancouver BC down the Pacific Coast Highway to Portland Oregon. 2014

Well, it is official. I will be embarking on another epic cycling trip this coming summer. The plan is to fly from Vancouver BC to Calgary and then cycle back home through the Rockies. A trip that will take over 1000km and roughly 10-12 days. This will be my biggest trip yet! Now the work begins on planning our route, daily distance goals, finding campsites for each day etc. I’m stoked! This is going to… Read More

So this I suppose is my first post. At least on this venue. My name is Chris Segers and this is a blog dedicated to my adventures and the inspiration that leads me to them. I have been running a blog(s) over on Blogger and it was suggested to me to try out as possibly a better option for me to track my endeavours. So here I am… let’s give it a go…. Read More