Vagabond Vacation (diaries)


Just got home from a dance party. It is officially 4 weeks (minus 3 days) until our big trip. We are at July 8th and I have just come off a week long holidays. Most of which was spent on a cycle from Richmond to Mt. Baker. 115kms by Candace’s calculations. 6.5 hrs of “not too bad” up and down hills with our biggest wonder being “Are we ready for this?”. “Are we on the same page?”. After that long day trip and some cold bevvies we decided Yep. No Worries. What’s the worst that could happen? This trip has been a while in the making. I’m stoked! This is probably the biggest challenge I have taken on to date. CS


Tuesday night. It’s hot as hell. We are now down to 17 days until ride day. We are in the final stages of preparations. You know, the important things like which pub we should hit up in Victoria, and what wineries are on our way down the coast. The next 2 weeks are going to fly by fast as I am still double shifting at work quite a bit, and we have a friends wedding coming up this weekend. It starts to become the actual countdown. What was once a large number like 10 weeks away, is now reduced to a mere 17 days… That’s only 11 more work days!! Holy. CS


It is now just a week until we leave. Dave decided to join us for the first day and night as we make our way to Victoria. Awesome. Looking forward to getting this Bad Boy underway! Exciting not only to start the trip, but also to see it all come together. Nervous a little. Sort of that “getting ready for camp” feeling I guess. Just finished the last of the preparations this week. Heading off to Pemberton tomorrow for a quick camping trip. It will be nice to take my mind off things for a few days before I start packing. CS

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