Run your feet off!

Well, where are we at? We have quickly approached the middle of the year, and WOW the first half has been bonkers with running. Like a lot of running. Trail, road, day and night, you name it we got it. And it’s all for sale! We have tackled some pretty amazing things so far. 1 full marathon, 6 half marathons, a 4x4x48 challenge, and the … Continue reading Run your feet off!

Going the Distance

Ok seriously. We are doing this. Right? The idea. A run. A run around the city you live in. Sounds good. The catch. The perimeter of the city you live in lies somewhere north of 60km all in. Well I guess we’re running an ultra marathon then, aren’t we? The idea had been mentioned to me a while back while on a run with another … Continue reading Going the Distance