About Running.

Well this one’s all about running. Since starting this Forty on forty project, it’s basically all I’m doing. Wake run. Work run. Run run.

Pushing towards the ultimate goal of running a full marathon on my 40th birthday. Eek. When did that sneak up? I am about half through training and am now 2 months away from race day.

It’s wild the amount of dedication to the training for a marathon. I’m up to 5 days a week now. Gone are the days that I can slack it with only training 3-4 days a week. Ugh.

So I thought on this post I would share what I have learned so far:

– you have to run, like a lot. No seriously like all the time.

– running with friends is better than running alone.

– running on days you don’t feel like it is sometimes better than the days you actually feel like running.

– running past a field of chicken manure on a windy day is as bad as it sounds.

– you can’t legitimately find a good excuse to not run on your run days.

In short. Keep running. Stick to your schedule, and listen to your body. Oh and avoid running past fields of chicken manure. If possible.

This has been a fun project so far, and a good test of self commitment.

See you all on May 20th, race day!


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