Spaces in between

We are 3 days out from our next trip. A 50km journey over the Garibaldi Neve Traverse. My gear is in piles on the balcony. Lists half made of what I need to bring on my coffee table. I sometimes wonder. Am I the only one who packs like this?

I find myself at this transition point before every trip. My mind half in “reality” dealing with work deadlines, scheduling appointments, as well as my homelife. Spending as much time with my family as possible. Yet my mind is also wandering in the mountains, going over the what ifs? and do I need? Etc.

Like living in 2 different worlds at the same time. One moment your at home cleaning up your child’s toys and then in a flash you vaporize and are suddenly transported onto the side of some mountain. No deadlines, no meetings, no running out to the grocery store. Just there. On the mountain “being you”. It is a strange feeling to say the least.

Living in 1 world and exploring another.

Keep posted about our trip experience. This one promises to be quite special


2 thoughts on “Spaces in between

  1. I can certainly appreciate this. About mile two on any hike, the weight of the world starts to sluff off. I get to escape again when I start putting my blog post about the trek together. When you pack ahead of time, you don’t have to think am I ready, because you know you are.


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